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Child Parotting Speaking in Tongues?

Speaking in Tongues: a Learned behavior Child Parotting Speaking in Tongues Learned behavior The material explanation arrived at by a number of studies is that glossolalia is “learned behavior”. What is taught is the ability to produce language-like speech. This is … Continue reading

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Hyper-experientialism, the Pentecostal Experience

Hyper-experientialism In Oneness Pentecostalism, the first real “spiritual” experience one has is that of “speaking in tongues.” This is usually the result of the unbiblical practice of “seeking” or “tarrying” and can include any number of postures and activities. Once a … Continue reading

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TONGUES speaking in.

“When I stopped studying the Bible in order to support what I believed, and started studying it in order to learn what to believe, I realized how wrong I was.” Though this post on speaking in tongues may be confussing, … Continue reading

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