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Sometimes people apologize to me, ‘I’m sorry I called you names’

From my friend Jason SpiritualBabies “Sometimes people apologize to me, ‘I’m sorry I called you names’, ‘I’ve changed my mind about jesus, I’m sorry I blocked you’, ‘I feel so bad about praying to jesus now that I know he … Continue reading

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“Rabbi Blumenthal benefits the public with a new blog! Be sure to check it out!” RESPONDING TO THE MISSIONARY PROOF-TEXTS “Of Whom Speaketh the Prophet?” Imagine that it is your responsibility to hire a person to fill a critical position … Continue reading

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SCRIPTURE TWISTING: How Missionaries Jews for Jesus Messianic Jewish Christians Distort Jewish Bible

This program shows how Christian missionaries approach the Jewish Bible with a preconceived agenda and ultimately see what’s not there and don’t see what is there. This convoluted approach leads them to quote passages out-of- context so they can inject … Continue reading

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