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Rescuing Jesus From The Wreckage Of The Crash

By Amos Wittenberg It has become increasingly clear to me that neither Scripture nor doctrine is what nurtures the Jesus infection. Rather, it is Jesus himself, or better, the image that his worshippers have of him in their own mind. … Continue reading

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Give It A Rest

Reblogged from Exploring Judaism/Give It A Rest “…the earth shall rest a Sabbath to Hashem.” (Leviticus 25:2) This passage refers to the Sabbatical year in Israel where the land was left and not worked every seventh year. The Baal Shem Tov … Continue reading

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Sylvester Night is not a Holiday

Israelis, who blithely call the eve of January 1st “Sylvester”, and Jews who celebrate “New Year’s Eve” as the civil year is ushered in, may not be aware of its tragic significance in Jewish history. By Rochel Sylvetsky Israelis call the … Continue reading

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Loving Thy Neighbor: Judaism’s Unique Approach

Loving Thy Neighbor: Judaism’s Unique Approach By Yaakov Astor Many people – Jew and Christian alike – are surprised to discover that the principle “Love thy neighbor as thyself” is found in the “Old” Testament, and even in Leviticus, probably … Continue reading

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