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To the Third and Fourth Generations (Ki Teitse)

By Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks Seventy-four of the Torah’s 613 commandments (mitzvot) are in the Parshah of Ki Teitzei. There is, on the face of it, a fundamental contradiction in the Torah. On the one hand we hear, in the passage known as the Thirteen Attributes of … Continue reading

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The American Dream is Dead and Buried

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Two sermons by a pastor from another church in Arizona, who preached on several cults, including Potter’s House. He preached on the subject because he wants to reach those within these organizations; not because he thinks he’s better than CFM.  … Continue reading

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Child Parotting Speaking in Tongues?

Speaking in Tongues: a Learned behavior Child Parotting Speaking in Tongues Learned behavior The material explanation arrived at by a number of studies is that glossolalia is “learned behavior”. What is taught is the ability to produce language-like speech. This is … Continue reading

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Originally posted on A Jew With A View: Let’s start by making a basic point: Jews don’t read the ‘old testament’. The OT is a Christian text. It was produced by the Church and it’s a reorganised, mistranslated, altered version of … Continue reading

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SHOCKING ADMISSION – How An Elite Cabal Rigged The 2020 Presidential Election

The game is rigged by a cabal of powerful elites to ensure the winner of our election was their preferred winner. And that is not my opinion, its the claim by TIME Magazine THE SECRET HISTORY OF THE SHADOW CAMPAIGN … Continue reading

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President Trump’s Jan. 6 Full Speech

President Trump’s Jan. 6th Full Speech: President Trump gave the following address at the March to Save America at the on January 6 about noon.  Media will not show the magnitude of this crowd, even I when I turned on today, … Continue reading

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The Three Stages of Creation (Bereishit)

“And God said, let there be… And there was… and God saw that it was good.” Thus unfolds the most revolutionary as well as the most influential account of creation in the history of the human spirit. In Rashi’s commentary, … Continue reading

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Is the end of the world near? Torah secret that reveals what’s coming! – Rabbi Alon Anava

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Holy Magic Hair “the Power of Angels”

It looks like sharing biblical blogs are going against big-techs Standards so I am reposting some of my old blog posts here on wordpress to see if they are shareable. Censorship2020 9/4/20 Update Reposting: RE: You can’t share this link … Continue reading

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