Two sermons by a pastor from another church in Arizona, who preached on several cults, including Potter’s House. He preached on the subject because he wants to reach those within these organizations; not because he thinks he’s better than CFM. 

Independent, Fundamental, KJV Bible Only, Soulwinning Baptist Preaching. Word of Truth Baptist Church in Prescott Valley, AZ. Pastor David Berzins. http://www.wordoftruthbaptist.org

Potters House Christian Church telling members to tithe or go to hell
This is the potters house Christian church who is known as a possible cult. These leaders and also the founder telling their congregation that if they do not tithe then they will go to hell

“The Potter’s House is an extremely wicked church doing the devil’s work. They are to be accursed for their false, works based salvation that they are spreading”

Behind the Door A series of newscasts concerning the Potter’s House also known as the Door.

Source: https://www.mitchellism.com/english/media/christian-cults-the-potters-house-the-door-cfm/

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