One of the big stories from Super Tuesday is the fact that the Boomer vote actually INCREASED from 2016. Yes, increased! There are MORE of the old c*nts!
Here’s an infographic that will scare the shit out of you:

It’s an exit poll, showing the percentage of voters in the 18-29 age group voting state-by-state in 2016 (Blue) and 2020 (Red). Alabama, for example, shows a drop in the 18-29 age group from 14% in 2016 to around 10% this time round.


Every single state shows exactly the same pattern — less young voters!


This can only mean two things — (1) young people are mysteriously disappearing or (2) boomers are miraculously increasing, possibly even coming back from the dead!


Of course, there is a third possibility, namely that young people are more busy than ever on social media, porn sites, and gaming to be bothered waiting in line to vote for some old Boomer.


Whatever the reason, it looks like the Boomer Reich is here to stay. Possibly forever.

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