Fathers Day

By James Wood

As we celebrate Fathers Day let us uplift our Father in Heaven. He revealed Himself and His nature through the Torah. He did not need to use any pagan ideology or methods to further reveal Himself to us.

Concepts like virgin birth, human sacrifice or a divine messiah are not mentioned or condoned in the Torah. Because the Torah is the end of the revelation that regulates our relationship with our Heavenly Father anything that goes beyond it is to be condemned and ignored. Our Heavenly Father in his wisdom made atonement very simple and complete in the Torah.

We do not need the Gospels or the confusing ramblings of the Apostle Paul to muddy the easy to understand instructions revealed to us in the Father’s Torah. We are commanded to honor our earthly father but how much more are we commanded to honor our Heavenly ONE by not adding to his Words in His Torah?

By adding Jesus or ‘The Holy Spirit ‘ as an avenue to reach our Heavenly Father we saying that He has an inability to hear us and our pleas. Pay the highest homage to Him by bypassing any pagan ideology and give him your direct undiluted love and honor by obeying Him.

I urge you, if you’re a Christian, to flee this idolatry you call Christianity because by following on your current path you dishonor the ONE TRUE Father of all by adding others before Him.

Please share this with your Christian friends.

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