Who Is Stupid? by Gutman Locks

Nader Zaal commented on my video The Jewish Sound of One Hand Clapping:
stop talking and give us our land back stupid jew

Gutman answered:
The Koran says that this land belongs to the Jewish People. Since you are a muslim you should stop lying and follow the Koran. Stop trying to fool people into believing that there ever was a palestinian people or a palestinian country. There is not even a letter “P” in your alphabet yet you say that you are palestinians. Who is it that is stupid? Shame on you.

Nader replies:
Keep hitting your head on that wailing wall and wail to the thousands of innocent muslims that you’ve killed.

Gutman replies:
There you go again; purposely turning away from the facts and telling lies. You are trying to convince people that you are honest, wanting them to believe that you are the underdog. Muslims are the ones who are killing thousands of innocent Muslims. Israel is only defending itself.
Now, did you look in the Koran, your holy book and see that it says that G-d gave this land to the Jewish people? Since G-d gave this land to the Jews why do you lie and say that we stole it? You should either renounce Islam or follow the Koran. You cannot be a true Muslim and not believe what the Koran says; “G-d made the Children of Israel the inheritors (of the land)”
You should go live in one of the 22 Arab countries that already exist and live with the other Muslims there.

Nader replies:
Stop eating our hummus

Gutman replies:
Your replies show that you are a muslim without a Koran, a palestinian without a “P” sound in your vocabulary, and now you show us that you are an arab without a serious complaint. It will be good for you to move to an arab country and stay there. Shalom

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1 Response to Who Is Stupid? by Gutman Locks

  1. rafihecht says:

    I’ve realized long ago that you can’t answer stupid. Many of them just want to hear themselves talk (or type).

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