Televangelist Jesse Duplantis a surprise hit in Paris

Jesse-Duplantis-surprise-hit-in-ParisPARIS — Coming soon to the Omnisports de Bercy in Paris are Justin Timberlake, Blue Man Group and John Legend. But the only sold-out show so far belongs to Jesse Duplantis, France’s favorite American “comique.”

“They think he’s the second coming of Jerry Lewis,” says one bemused New York theater critic.

While Duplantis’s American audience is limited mainly to TBN viewers and Word of Faith churches, in Paris he’s built a following as a comic genius.

After his recent appearance a French newspaper called him a “brilliant showman and deft satirist of all things religious and American.”

But for Duplantis, this poses a problem.

“French audiences don’t think I mean what I preach. They think it’s an act,” he says backstage after one “performance.” “The more I tell them I’m serious, the more they think it’s an act.”

The French see preaching as an American art form, like blues and jazz music. Recently at a packed 15,000-seat arena Duplantis called people forward for prayer, which the French audience gamely did, clamoring for him to touch their foreheads. Some even fell over backwards for effect.

“I loved the audience participation,” said one girl excitedly in the lobby afterwards. “It was like being part of his culture for a moment.”

“Could we love Mr. Duplantis any more?” wrote Le Monde’s culture critic the next day. “His ‘sermon’ changes every night, so the show remains fresh.”

Duplantis has kept mum about his French popularity to U.S. audiences, but keeps playing Paris hoping for a breakthrough.

“Maybe revival is coming to Europe,” he says. “I don’t know. Maybe this crazy New Orleans preacher is the start of something big.” •

Below I have listed a satirical look (or is it not?) at Jesus and the televangelists – side by side, you decide.


“You know, it’s OK to make money. You serve a Jewish God! He ain’t broke and neither should you be,” he exclaimed in his DVD “Strike 1, Strike 2, Strike 3: Satan’s Out!”

Duplantis argued that it was the love of money, not money itself, that’s bad. The distinction between the two becomes difficult to make, however, when Duplantis has been caught using the church-funded jet for multiple vacations, including a 17-day trip to Hawaii that racked up a calculated $40,000 in fuel and storage fees.

Jesus’ Transportation

Jesus donkey

Televangelist Transportation

Jesse Duplantis, Benny Hinn, Crefo Dollar car jet

Where Jesus Laid His Head

where jesus laid His head

Where televangelists lay their head

Kenneth Copeland Benny Hinn Home

Joyce Meyer Jesse Duplantis Home



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4 Responses to Televangelist Jesse Duplantis a surprise hit in Paris

  1. Roseline says:

    Did not really read your article because I know you don’t know God’s word. Let me ask you. If Christ was around today, how do you think He would have moved around the world. On a donkey perhaps? The word says
    For you know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that though he was rich, yet for your sake he became poor, so that you by his poverty might become rich. 2 cort 8:9. I suggest you get a bible and study for yourself

    • Roseline, I know enough to know the book of Catholicism (2 Corth 8:9) is not The Word of G-d. Nowhere does the NT claim to be the Word of the Eternal Creator.
      I also know, the so called second letter to the Corinthians is not one letter, but 3, 4, maybe 5 letters combined.
      Also, whether Jesus is moving around the world on a donkey or a limousine at some point he’ll have to take a pit-stop and urinate and if your god has the urge to use an outhouse he is not the G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The Word says
      Numbers 23:19
      “God is not a man that He should lie, nor a mortal that He should change His mind.”
      I Samuel 15:29
      “The Eternal One of Israel will not lie nor change His mind: for He is not a man that He should change His mind.”
      Isaiah 43:10-11
      “You are My witnesses,” declares the Lord, “and My servant whom I have chosen, so that you may know and believe Me and understand that I am He. Before Me no god was formed, nor will there be one after Me. I, even I, am the Lord, and besides Me there is no Savior.”
      Hosea 13:4
      “And I am the Lord your God, Who brought you out of Egypt. You shall acknowledge no God but Me, no Savior except Me!”
      I know I am truly ignorant of much of G-d’s word, but I am learning today, praise the Most High He has led me out of the Idolatry of Nicene Christianity and opened my eyes to He’s eternal Torah. I’ll take your suggestion, thank you! Something as important as ones eternal soul should not be left up to what some preacher or evangelist tells us, nor to men that violated the command NOT to add to His Word. Deut 4:2
      Peace, Love and Light,

  2. Rebecca says:

    You almost had me on this one, until I discovered you had copied this text from ‘Lark News’ a satirical news site. Do you intend to mislead people, or do you not know?

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