If France Was Israel, The World Would Respond Like This

If France Was Israel, The World Would Respond Like This

Menashe's Blog

By Baruch Gordon

11/16/2015, 8:11 PM

This just in:
The United Nations is calling on France to please SHOW RESTRAINT.
There are way more casualties on the ISIS side than the French people who died.
The UN is having emergency meetings to call for SANCTIONS against France for responding way out of proportion and escalating the violence. ISIS never used planes or bombs! This cannot be overlooked. The world is watching carefully.

France’s disproportionate response is escalating the violence to an all new level and is responsible for upsetting the entire Muslim world causing many of them to reconsider their long standing commitment to peace and tolerance of the infidels.

France is only allowed to send a maximum of EIGHT SUICIDE BOMBERS into ISIS.

We beseech the French people to please immediately stop escalating the violence against ISIS and the innocent women and children whose lives are being disrupted, and to…

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