If Jesus Was Not The Messiah Then Who Will Be? – Short Answer: Who Cares?

Menashe's Blog

by Amos Wittenberg
24 June 2015

When Christians or Messianics discover that all the purported “messianic prophecies” in the Christian writings are without exception based on distortions, misreadings, mistranslations and passages taken out of context, they are often left with a burning question: if Jesus/Yeshua was not the promised Messiah, who will be?

Obviously this is not just a matter of curiosity. Leaving the Jesus religion leaves behind a Jesus-shaped hole.

This is the result of a terrible misunderstanding, brought about by centuries of Christian theology – or better Jesulatry.

You see, in Christian thinking the Messiah is a Saviour, a Redeemer, the Light of the World, the Bread of Life, the Source of Living Water, the Alpha and Omega.

So, even when a God-fearing Christian or messianic comes to the (inevitable) conclusion that:
a) Jesus did not die for anyone’s sins,
b) no one dies for the sins of…

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