Messianic Leader Makes Astonishing Discovery*

“Allow room for the enlightenment and illumination of the Holy Spirit.”?

Menashe's Blog

*Thanks to Ronnie for the inspiration.

In a bizarre sequence of mystical events we have the story of Lionel [his friends call him Richie], a man who came to know Jesus through divine inspiration and for him to rediscover the depth of his Jewish upbringing. In this exclusive interview Lionel told us how he was brought up in a secular Jewish family and how suddenly realised the Messianic Christian outlook to:

“Allow room for the enlightenment and illumination of the Holy Spirit.”

Lionel’s journey illuminated by the Holy Spirit all started as a result of an investigation under the hood of his family car. Lionel realized that a part was missing from the family vehicle. Luckily for Lionel who did not know much about cars, this was one part of the family vehicle which was very distinctive. Unlike other parts of the engine the part had a part number. Armed…

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