Some of My Best Friends are Jews – But I’d Like to Change That

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On behalf of those who are not such ‘big hitters’ and fail to get a mention but never the less make significant un-acknowledged contribution to educate about missionary activity in Israel. I want to say that it would have been a nice to have at least got a mention in the article below after taking so much time out of work to talk, give advice, and who to contact [Avraham Leibler @ JewishIsrael] to the author on the phone, much of which I see in this article. Unless of course I am waisting my time!!? If so please let me know.

Remember the good old days when the only thing the Israelis had to worry about was being wiped off the map by their enemies? (Oh wait, that is still a problem.) But remember the other good old days when Jews for Jesus used to…

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