Did Isaiah predict that the messiah will be God?

Did Isaiah predict that the messiah will be God? Rabbi Tovia Singer exposes Church Bible-tampering!

Listen to an eye-opening live presentation, as Rabbi Tovia Singer demonstrates how Christian Bible translators deliberately altered a famed passage in the Book of Isaiah. Using vivid illustrations, Rabbi Singer demonstrates how missionaries changed the Hebrew Scriptures so that the prophet appears to predict a divine messiah. Responding to a question from the audience, Rabbi Singer explores Isaiah 9:6-7 (5-6) with his Jakarta audience. What else did the Church do in order to paint Jesus into the Jewish Scriptures? (Indonesian translation).
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Note: The most significant differences between the KJV and Jewish translations are found in the first verse, Isaiah 9:5[6]. One difference is that the Hebrew text, in both versions, utilizes verbs that are conjugated in the past tense, and which describe a sequence of events that has already taken place, while the corresponding verbs in KJV translation are conjugated the present and future tenses, thereby describing events that are contemporary and also still to come.
Another important difference between the KJV and Jewish translations of the first verse is in the list of names/titles. The Jewish translation lists four names/titles, none of which is modified with a definite article the (as in the Hebrew text). The Christian translation lists five, the first two of which are split out of the first Hebrew one and are without a definite article, and each of the last three is capitalized and has a definite article.

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Let’s Get Biblical!: Why Doesn’t Judaism Accept the Christian Messiah? [Book]

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