Old Christian saints and modern messianics agree: Jews suffered terribly for rejecting Jesus

“When the true Messiah comes it will not be a day of mourning for Jews – it will be a day of great rejoicing for Jews.”

Daily Minyan

JewsKilledJesusSign“One Law” messianic was arguing to me that Jews have suffered so much because they made a terrible, huge mistake – they rejected Jesus as their messiah and god:

[When] Messiah returns, Jews will weep as one weeps for an only son (Zech 12). As hard as it may be you to believe, Gene, Jews and Judaism have also committed errors, perhaps the greatest being the rejection of the real messiah and subsequent embracing of a false messiah. Both have had disastrous consequences.

This messianic’s argument is not new at all. In fact, it’s very familiar to the Jewish people, who have heard it all before. It is, of course, found in the New Testament. But it has also been inherited from the so called Christian “saints”, who likewise argued that Jews have suffered so much because they rejected, indeed conspired to murder G-d in the form of Jesus, “G-d’s…

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