Christians Are Leaving Yeshua (jesus) in Droves

“RealityCheckTV 26: What Judaism believes, yet believing in the Messiah is believing a myth.”?

“In this short video I begin discounting the claims of traditional Judaism that we can’t believe in the Messiah because it’s just “a myth” and can’t be the truth!” ~Carmen Welker


“I’m sure Carmen would love your comments on her video.”

But wait…she’s blocked all comments after two days of people backing up their beliefs with “scripture”. [Comments are disabled for this video.]

One friend who shares his journey into Judaism post this on a twitter link:

I am one of many who write, create, share and proclaim our faith and journey using the medium of the Internet. This leaves us wide open to peoples opinions. They have the right to form them. They have the right to share them. This is part and parcel of being in the place that we are in ‘public’ (however small or large) the public eye.

However, what is NOT ok is to USE this right to form and share opinions when you yourself cower and hide behind a censor wall.

Carmen, after seeing the many, MANY responses to her two videos has blocked people from commenting. Now she is like the child, safe behind the window, free to name call, insult, create and play up.

If you are going to insult people.. at least leave them the right to reply. ~ Jason SB

You’re welcome to comment on Carmen Welker’s video here:

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2 Responses to Christians Are Leaving Yeshua (jesus) in Droves

  1. Reblogged this on Menashe's Blog and commented:
    The house of messianic Judaism and its foundations are crumbling!!

  2. frank morris says:

    This is the whole concept, the Jewish reject yeshua, so now they our lost, do you blame the Jewish community being up set. Sher has her opinion , but still they reject it.

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