How the doctrine of the Trinity developed in the Christian Church

Rabbi Tovia Singer describes how the doctrine of the Trinity developed in the Christian Church

How can there be one God if Jesus is also God? Rabbi Tovia Singer explains how Christians struggled for a solution to this conundrum. As it turns out, the doctrine of the Trinity is a later Christian invention. This creed of long duration is therefore not expressed in any of the books of the Christian Bible. The notion that Jesus was God developed long after the inception of Christianity. In this live interview, Rabbi Tovia Singer explains how, when, and why Christians came to regard Jesus as God.


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4 Responses to How the doctrine of the Trinity developed in the Christian Church

  1. Sandra Defendini says:

    Very good subject, no audio

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  3. Dallas Ray says:

    In the beginning (eternal life doesn’t have a beginning or end) there was the word, and the word was with God, and the word was God, and the word was made flesh and dwelt among us.
    God’s manifested a placed a human embryo through the spoken word and placed in the virgin Mary.
    God’s Faith in his word, brought a body who will live as a human with the fullness of God’s attributes, and he lived a life that would overcome and be the last sacrifice.
    God showed us, this is what he has planned for all of His Children and God in his fullness came down in Jesus living as any normal man and over came.
    The Father-Son-Holy Spirt are different manifestation on one God, not 3 personages who together make the God head.
    Another clue, when Jesus told the apostles Baptize in the Name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, the apostles then went out and preached to Baptize on the name of Jesus Christ, every time.
    The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit and not names or individual personages, they are titles and or aspects of one God doing something different in each office.
    Remember Jesus said, I will be with you and even in you.
    The Holy Spirit is how God will be in us, when Jesus comes back we won’t see Jesus as a body, he will be in his Church living in us, and to Tabernacle with us.
    The Father office/aspect is like our own earthly father, who protects us, reveals truth, and who is worth of our love and respect. And Jesus’ dialog and relationship with the father shows us (dwelt among us) the Godly Nature of the Father to his Son.
    The confusion in the trinity is people limit God and his plan, the one God is All three and is not the 3 personages that the trinity defines. How did this happen?
    The trinity actually came out of Pagan Rome, specifically when the Clergy of the day added pagan aspects to God word, so the could get Constantine to convert to Christianity and protect the church.

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