Trinity, Idolatry and Worship

Trinity, Idolatry and Worship

by Rabbi Yisroel C. Blumenthal

As God’s witnesses to the ultimate truth, the Jewish people testify that the Christian worship of Jesus is the idolatry that the Jewish Scripture condemns as the greatest rebellion against God.

But isn’t the trinity so much more sophisticated than the pagan obeisance to crude images? Isn’t the Christian belief about the incarnation of God honoring the Creator?

The answer is that it is not the BELIEF of the Christian that is idolatry. Idolatry is not a belief. Idolatry is an act. The act of directing the heart’s devotion to a man is no different than directing the heart’s devotion to a statue or to the sun.

Directing the heart’s devotion (in the sense of worship of the divine) toward anyone or anything aside from the One Creator of all is idolatry – there are no distinctions between the worship of one created being or another.

The beliefs of the Christians are used to justify the devotion. Perhaps the arguments of some idolaters are more confusing than the arguments of others. Indeed, God judges each of us according to our capabilities and according to our opportunities. If a Christian was taken in by the sophisticated arguments of the Church men and did not realize that the devotion that they are advocating is wrong; we can be sure that the Righteous Judge will factor the confusion in to the equation.

Israel’s testimony is not about judging people. Its about telling the world that every last entity owes everything to the One Creator of heaven and earth.

The key words here are “EVERY LAST ENTITY”- including, of course, the gods of the various religions. After all; if they walked God’s earth, breathed His air, and lived in His universe – who else would they owe their existence to?


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