Distinctions between the TaNaCH and Christianity.




Part of the document was chopped off. Here’s the rest: 
19. In the Tenach humans are known as righteous by righteous behavior. In the New Testament they are considered righteous by trusting in another’s righteousness.
20.In the Tenach God’s Law is not difficult. In the New Testament God’s Law is impossible to keep.
21.In the Tenach, God’s Law leads to life. In the New Testament God’s Law leads to death.
22.In the Tenach man is a soul. In the New Testament man is body, soul and spirit.
23.In the Tenach, upon dying, man is gathered to his fathers and sleeps in the dust of the earth until resurrection and judgment. In the New Testament upon dying, man goes immediately to judgment.
24.All of these differences are made possible by one final distinction between the Tenach and Christianity. 
In the Tenach God is the LORD who changes not. 
In Christianity God has changed.
A site is for Jews and non-Jews who want to learn more about Jewish beliefs, or have questions about how Hebrew Scripture has informed and shaped Jewish belief and practice throughout the ages. http://whatjewsbelieve.org/
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