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How Can a Child of Abraham Behead Anyone?


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Quitting Jesus in 10 Questions

From Jason Spiritualbabies 10 questions We asked some friends to answer 10 questions regarding their leaving of Christianity and Jesus. These are their answers. They offer their own personal experiences in the hope they can give some support, inspiration and strength to … Continue reading

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Did Paul faithfully transmit the original message of Jesus?

In order to be convinced that the gentile church is truly transmitting the original message of Jesus, one must determine that Paul’s teachings conformed with the teachings of Jesus. The gentile church only learned of Jesus through the teachings of … Continue reading

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His Name Will Be One – Avraham ben Yaakov

His Name Will Be One – Avraham ben Yaakov

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Hezekiah king of Judah, name means Hizkiyyahu – the mighty god.

Christians are fond of using Isaiah 9:6 as a “proof text” for the messiahship and deity of Jesus. Context is important to reading scripture, especially prophecy. What is the book of Isaiah, of whom does the prophet speak in it’s chapters? … Continue reading

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Israel and Jerusalem – Eternal Choices

Israel and Jerusalem – Eternal Choices Christians often use the example of the tabernacle as a justification for their worship of Jesus. The missionary contends that just as God came to dwell in the tabernacle, allowing His people to direct worship … Continue reading

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Distinctions between the TaNaCH and Christianity.

    Part of the document was chopped off. Here’s the rest:  19. In the Tenach humans are known as righteous by righteous behavior. In the New Testament they are considered righteous by trusting in another’s righteousness. 20.In the Tenach … Continue reading

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