It is known that Moses was the first to enunciate, “Love your neighbour as yourself.

It is known that Moses was the first to enunciate, “Love your neighbour as yourself….” (Leviticus 19:18), as he transcribed the dictation, Word for Word, from The ALMIGHTY.  Rabbi Akiva said that this verse is a prime pivotal principle in The Torah (Talmud, Yerushalmi, Nedarim 9:4), a key to fulfilling The Will of GOD.  Thus, the opposite, namely, hatred of another, is a prime deviance and a prime inhibitor blocking the fulfillment of The Will of GOD.

Although lack of tolerance is not the same as hatred, nevertheless it can lead to hatred, and then its possessor is pulled further and further away from love.

An increase of selfless love will lead to the dissipation of hatred and to a germination of the quality of tolerance. In the face of  receiving bad from another, one can transcend one’s limitations and repay good for the bad.  A prime example is Joseph who not only forgave his brothers, but also extended kindness to them and sustained them.  (Genesis 47:11,12)

One could possibly ask: Yes, Joseph, the righteous one, could perform such noble deeds, but can others also readily do such a herculean acts?  Yes, every Jewish person can accomplish elevated tasks since, “… Your people, everyone is righteous….”  (Isaiah 60:21) “Sinai people”, The Children of Israel, possess three special traits.  They are sensitive, they extend loving-kindness to others and they have compassion.  (Talmud, Yevamouth 79a)

source: The Netziv’s Classic Intro to Bereishit



“I am God; I called you for the purpose of righteousness… and I made you a Covenant people, to be a light to the nations.” Isaiah 42:6

“The purpose of creation could not be fulfilled until the Jewish nation left Egypt and received the Torah at Sinai. It was then that they would achieve the potential for being a ‘light to the nations’ and bring an awareness of God to the entire world.” – Netziv, Introduction to Exodus

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