It is a shame for women to speak…or is it?


“For the husband is the head of the wife…Let the woman learn in silence with all subjection. But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence…Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands…And if they will learn any thing, let them ask their husbands at home: for it is a shame for women to speak in the church…”

(There are MANY churches in America who still hold onto this misogyny, and it’s really no wonder why women are still paid less than their male counterparts for the same job)

The words (above) were spoken to me by a close and dear friend one day as we were having a coversation on “family.” He was quoting verses from his King James bible as though it (the New Testament) was scripture, the very  “Word of G-d”, when actually he was quoting from letters written by a man named Paul, and not the creator. The Husband is not appointed King and ruler over the wife by HaShem!

NOWHERE in the Bible does it claim that the New Testament is G-d’s word or infallible. Fallible imperfect human beings did! On the other hand, I know today which books of the bible are in fact the Word of G-d and how relationship between Husband and Wives is a Torah based relationship.

After reading an awesome article and the review of a book authored by Dr. Akiva Gamliel Belk, Dean of Jewish Studies at B’nai Noach Torah Institute called Eve Of Creation – Restored, I submit this for anyone (especially my own family members) who is trapped in a death cult of misogyny.



I share with Men / Husbands that the Bible teaches women / wives are equal, the man / husband is NOT appointed by God as the ruler of his wife nor is he the supreme authority in their relationship and home as I once believed and taught others to believe.-Dr. Akiva Gamliel Belk

By Dr. Akiva Gamliel Belk
Dean of Jewish Studies
B’nai Noach Torah Institute, LLC

We begin our discussion with a question. Is there a problem with translations of Hebrew to English etc?

Generally the answer is yes. If the translator fails to convey the proper translation along with the intent then the reader can form wrong conclusions. In Discussion One I explained that the Word for Woman and Wife was the same. ‘The Word אִשָּׁה Eeshaw means Wife as well as Woman.’ 

The Word for Man is אִישׁ Eesh. Sometimes the Word for Man is אָדָם Adam. This is where sensitivity in translation becomes a Major issue!! 

Many translations in Genesis 2.20 Say,
And the man gave names to all cattle, and to the fowl of the air, and to every beast of the field; but for the man there was not found an help meet for him.’

This gives the impression that Chavah was no where to be found. This gives the impression that man is firmly in charge which is incorrect.

Other translations in Genesis 2.20 Say,
And Adam gave names to all the fowl of the air, and to every beast of the field; but for Adam there was no found an help meet for him.’
This translation does not convey to the reader the entire truth? Where is there any indication of the fact that ‘The Adam’ was both male and female at this time? It is in the Word הָאָדָם Ha Adam. It is not easy to detect. One could miss the meaning and the intention of Ha Torah. This simple error causes problems between Husbands and Wives.

We are going to take an Important journey off of this subject but pick it up at a later time.

Genesis 2.20
And He the male portion of the Adam called out the Names for all the animals and the birds of the Heavens [then Chavah, the Female portion of Ha Adam Called] to every living beast of the field. Notice the Words וּלְכֹל חַיַּת הַשָּׂדֶה meaning and to all living of the field. Look at the Name Adam gave Chavah. He calls her חַוָּה Chah Vaw (Genesis 3.20). Why? Because Chavah was the Mother of כָּל־חָי All Living. 

כֹל חַיַּת

Does the Hebrew Text actually Say ‘then Chavah, the Female portion of Ha Adam Called to every living beast of the field.’? No! However, when we compare the two statements we see almost a Letter to Letter similarity. In addition the translation must include intent which the first two translations omit. Here in the translation I have written there is a strong basis for the intent of Scripture.

Adam Says, Chavah was the Mother of all living yet Chavah had not given birth. What could he possible mean? Was he saying Chavah was the step mother of all living? I don’t think so. Was he saying the primary responsibility of a wife is to bare children? No! I don’t think so. Adam said exactly what he mean to say. Chavah was the mother of all living!! This means there is something more to being a wife than baring children. A wife gives ‘LIFE’. NOTICE what Ha Torah Says,

Genesis 3.20
And He, The Adam called the name of his Wife Chavah for she was the mother of all life…

What kind of life does a wife give? Chavah was the purpose for being… the purpose for living… the purpose for existing… the purpose for survival for all living. Adam was saying all living needed Chavah in their lives. Chavah’s role in the universe was to give life. What could their be that made Chavah so valuable and so indispensable? Did Chavah give breath to all living? No! Was Chavah the source of each beings soul? No! Then why did Adam call his wife the mother of all life…? Adam defined the importance of life to his wife. Adam said Chavah was the source of life for all living. Chavah was the fountain… the Inspiration… the Stimulus… for all life. Is this powerful? This means Chavah was very special. Chavah was the friend of all beings. Chavah was the support for all beings. Chavah was the pillar for all beings. Chavah was the encouragement for all beings. Chavah was the comforter for all beings. Chavah was the subsidizer for all beings. Now the picture is beginning to emerge. 

Each wife should view her self in the prism of Chavah. Adam did not arbitrarily hand out this name for his wife, Chavah. Adam described the essence of Chavah. This is what Adam saw in his wife. Adam defined the primary role of his wife as the source of life, i.e all things that contribute to life like encouragement… comfort… support… assistance… etc. Now I understand a wife may not feel like being the source of life. This is a huge responsibility. There is no down time. The wife’s role in the marriage relationship is she gives life… encouragement… comfort… support… assistance… etc. ALWAYS even when she is down down… A husband is designed to be strong. He is not likely to be nearly as compassionate or kind as his wife. On the other hand because the woman came from a different material than the man a different result is expected. Yes, both were formed from the ground. Yes both received the exact same breath from The Lord God However the Woman was take from Ha Adam. This means the Wife has a certain degree of refinement a husband will not have. A man will release gas and laugh. A wife would never think of doing such a thing. She is appalled! She instructs her husband to cease from this type of poor behavior. The husband should listen to his wife and do as she instructs him. The man was wounded when the female portion was take from Ha Adam. A man lives with this wound until he marries his wife. Ha Torah Says, וַיַּפֵּל ‘And he fail’. This means the man was diminished by the removal of the female part of the Adam. The Adam was reduced. His wound was covered with flesh. He realized the absence of what was taken from him, i.e, flesh and bone. He was not the same. He was different. Parts of what use to be the Adam were now missing. Wives, Husbands pretend a lot. We want our Wife to feel like her Husband is the total package even though we know in our heart we are far from being that complete.

Bereisheit 2.21
וַיַּפֵּל יְהֹוָה אֱלֹהִים ׀ תַּרְדֵּמָה עַל־הָאָדָם וַיִּישָׁן
: וַיִּקַּח אַחַת מִצַּלְעֹתָיו וַיִּסְגֹּר בָּשָׂר תַּחְתֶּנָּה

Genesis 2.21
And he fail into a deep sleep brought on by The Lord God, and he slept, and [The Lord God] took from his side and covered the wound with flesh.

It was from these parts that The Lord God built a woman. The Lord God began with existing parts to build from… to fashion from to refine from… In this sense a Woman is not taken from the dust of the ground. A woman is a refinement of Ha Adam. One could say that The Creator of the universe took from some of the finer parts of the Ha Adam to fashion the woman. So when a Man and a Woman marry the wife mystically returns what is missing to her husband. The wife brings a touch to the marriage relationship. She brings back what was taken from Adam. IT IS A MUST! Ha Torah describes the Adam, i.e. man as the one lacking. Adam knew he was lacking. A certain warmth was gone. Thoughts that he possessed were gone. The absence of Chavah was felt. In the name he gave Chavah He described her as the life that was taken from him. Did he say it this way? No! Did he mean it this way? Yes! 

Genesis 2.22
He, The Lord God Built everything from the Letter Aleph to the Letter Tav from the the side that was taken from the Adam into a woman then He Brought her to the Adam.

Wives must work steady at being the Torah Observant Wife. Proverbs 31.10 Says, A Praiseworthy Wife is worth more than priceless pearls…

Now, Wives remember proper action is required to be viewed as being valuable and praiseworthy. 

This relationship between Husband and Wives is a Torah based relationship. This means one is obligated to DO WHAT IS RIGHT AND PROPER simply because this is a requirement of Ha Torah.

Wives remember Husbands are at times less than refined. Husbands can be crude. Husbands can be insulting and mean. They can display poor behavior STILL because the responsibilities of a Wife are Torah based Wives must not react sinfully towards their husbands poor behavior. Lovingly bring life into your husband. Use Ha Torah. Only Ha Torah has the Power to heal and restore.

May our Creator Bless and help each of us to improve our relationships with our spouse.

Dr. Akiva Gamliel Belk is the author of Eve Of Creation RESTORED – a special book about relationships with others. The book may be purchased at:

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