Does American Ideology have more in common with Nazism?

“Early in the year 1933, an event that would ultimately change the course of history occurred as a man with a spellbinding gift of oratory took control of the government of a powerful Western nation. His goal was to make his nation the most powerful nation on earth, but first he had to rebuild an economy shattered by a crippling depression. This was done by implementing national socialistic programs to get people back to work and jump-start the economy.

He was widely popular with his people, and his picture adorned the walls of public buildings and schools, where school children stood every morning with their right arm fully outstretched, palm down in the ancient Roman salute, bleating out their allegiance to the flag that was hung from a pole with a grim metallic eagle, the symbol of his government.

The citizens of this nation supported his programs, even when he led them into the greatest war mankind had even known, and they continued to support him when he ordered the political “undesirables,” those of an inferior race, to have their property taken away and have them thrown into newly-built concentration camps.

The citizens of the nation take little notice; after all, they had laws which forbade those of inferior race to sit in the park benches or shop in the stores or eat in the restaurants of the Master Race, and there were signs put up to remind these inferiors not to eat, not to sit, not enter these establishments.

Although he led his nation throughout the Great War, he died in April, 1945 just before the War ended, the most destructive war mankind has ever known.”

Who was this man?

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