The Black Miracle: A Hanukkah/Thanksgiving Poetry Slam

If Jesus was Jewish, why aren’t Christians Jewish? And shouldn’t we still observe the commandments of the “Old Testament” to show God how much we love Him? I mean, He commanded them, didn’t He? And which religion came first: Islam, Christianity, or Judaism?

Good questions. He looked online. Google led him places. To a lot of places. He looked everywhere and was open to everything. He read and researched and thought. What’s up with the Old Testament? Is it true? It seems like it is.
But what about Jesus?

Okay. So Nissim became a messianic Jew: a practicing Jew and a believer in Jesus. And that was comfortable because he didn’t want to give up on Jesus. He thought that if you give up on Jesus you burn in hell.

And who wants to burn in hell?

But the more you learn, the more questions you have. And Nissim had a lot of questions. He was studying all the time.

Nissim today
He went to his biological father. Since the time Nissim’s mother had left him, his father had cleaned up his act and was on his way to becoming a Christian theologian (today he is a professor of Christian thought at a number of colleges in the Seattle area).

“What’s up with Christmas and Easter? Weren’t they originally pagan holidays?”

Read more of Nissim’s amazing story:


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