Messianic “Jews” and their RABBI KADURI lie

The Harav Yitzchak Kadouri Hoax
Another “Messianic/Christian Jewry” proof of Nothing.

Yad L’Achim Counters Missionary Pitch Based on Rav Kadouri, zt”l

That missionaries have no limits to how low they’ll stoop is nothing new to Yad L’Achim, which has been battling them for decades. But their latest, despicable ploy is stunning in its audacity, deceit and sacrilege.

The newest campaign features Yakov Damkani, a missionary and leader of the “Messianic Jewry” movement in Israel, who describes Harav Yitzchak Kadouri, zt”l, the elder of the mekubalim, as “one of the most prominent rabbis in the country’s history.” Damkani then goes on to say that a year after the Rav’s death, in 2006, “a note was found which he left for his followers. In the note he wrote that the name of the mashiach is J.”

In his farcical pitch, Damkani presents a forged noted from Rav Kadouri with this “revelation” and adds that the Rav had met the mashiach in the final…

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