The Passover Celebration with “Rabbi” Jonathan Cahn on The Jim Bakker Show 2013



I stumbled upon this video today. The way out wacky world of the very messy messianics/christians are going off the rails on a crazy train. You, my friends, don’t have to keep drinking from the toilet of Nicaea!

This blog is for my family. (you know who you are)

Twenty years ago there wasn’t information about the Jewsih faith, the Noahide Laws, the TaNaCH or the Torah available to Gentles or Goy’im (The most commonly used word for a non-Jew is goy. The word “goy” means “nation,” and refers to the fact that goyim are members of other nations, that is, nations other than the Children of Israel.)

In those early days when I was called a Christian™ we would hear the term “Judeo-Christian” used often. The dictionary defines it as: of or pertaining to the religious writings, beliefs, values, or traditions held in common by Judaism and Christianity. I believed Judaism was basicly Christianity minus Jesus. The Jews were blinded, according to the New Testament being unable to see “Christ” for who he truely was…The Messiah, the Saviour of the world and all mankind, God in the flesh. It all made perfect sense, I too was a believer, I had faith. Oh how wrong I was believing God changed his mind about people having to follow his perfect (Psa 19:7) and eternal (Psa 119:152,160) laws and replacing them with a new system of faith in a human sacrifice, something God says he hates, by the way.

In elementary school a bible teacher, Miss Stanley, came to the school for Bible Class right in the public school system. [It was outlawed during my forth grade by The Supreme Court of the United States] Long before I became an adult my teachers told me about Jesus being the Messiah. I was taught the Old Testament and it’s laws were abolished, we were now under a new covenant. No need to spend time studying something extraneous as the Old Testament ie: Torah.

Whenever someone would convert… “get saved”… they’re told; “you’re a new creature now, you’re born again, now study your bible everyday and pray. Start with the Book of St. John for a new christians, read it all the way through. Have you ever wondered why the church tells new converts to start in the book of John? Why not start from the beginning of the bible in Genisis? What’s so special about the gospel of St. John?

Number 1. The Gospel of John so happens to be one of the most anti-semitic books of the New Testament! Jesus calls himself the messiah to the woman at the well. There you go, what more proof does anyone need? I never once questioned what the word “Messiah” really means?

If you truly standfor the word of God, for HIS truth, seek G-D, set aside all the preconceived ideas, mostly formed around Roman Catholic doctrines. Look what Messiah (Ma­shi­akh) means in the Hebrew from a Jewish perspective. (Jesus was a Jew) and look with an open mind what the Jewish scriptures say Messiah must accomplish beginning in Genisis… and read Ezekiel Y’ḥez’qel Chapter 18: then ask yourself; Is God a liar?

Deu 4:2  Ye shall not add unto the word which I command you, neither shall ye diminish from it, that ye may keep the commandments of the LORD your God which I command you.  Let me ask you, do you believe the book of Mormon is G-D’s holy word? Should we be following the words of Joseph Smith, Jr.? The book of Mormon is man-made doctrine added to the Jewish bible. THINK!

Rabbi Tovia Singer said:

Although Christendom is predisposed to a reverence for the Scriptures written in Greek, the children of Israel regard only the Hebrew Bible given to us by our prophets as holy and authoritative. We diligently pore these sacred texts day and night. No translation of the Bible, no matter how widely used by churches and academicians, has any sanctity or authority among learned and pious Jews, because it is universally regarded by the Jewish people as a corrupt text.

Do not think in your heart that the Jewish people have missed the stirring messianic message contained in Tanach, or that we somehow do not understand our own Bible. It is our nation which is ordained to protect the integrity of these Holy Scriptures, our people who brought these sacred Oracles to the world’s nations, and it is our people to whom these promises were addressed.

“Behold the nailed hand”

“This is great! I just received an email from a friend that is circulating in Christian circles. The convoluting of the use of the Hebrew is so sickening. I so wish Tovia could comment on in…I will try to copy and paste it here, but it may be too long. “This crazy teaching is circulating now among lots of so-called “Messianic” ministries and getting picked up by other churches. I was watching a bit of Jim Bakker on-line this morning (yes, that Jim Bakker, of PTL fame who is now thriving in Missouri with his new ministry and wife Lori), with “Rabbi” Jonathan Kahn of “Harbinger” fame…it was truly a sickening display of calling Jesus Jehovah in both song and discussion with this foolishness behind it all:”

The Hebrew language is one of complexity and intricate beauty. Each of its letters has its own meaning and numerical value. In this case, the meanings of the four letters used to form the Name of YHWH give the Name a powerful and prophetic significance. First, the letter Yod literally means “hand,” while Hay means “behold,” and Waw means “nail” (or “hook”, depending on the context). So, in sequence: “Hand , behold (H), nail (W), and behold (H).” The context of the word YHWH means, “Behold the nailed hand.”
Sunday 27 @ 16:08


From Menashe’s Blog

A reasoned Jewish response to word pictures….read on!!!

Ridiculous Word Pictures

Hebrew Word Pictures

by Nehemiah Gordon


I have been asked to prove that Hebrew word-pictures are utter nonsense, that the pictures represent sounds and not ideas. I could point you to ANY grammar of the Hebrew language and it will confirm this. However, I would be happy to prove it. Take even the simplest example and you can see the word-pictures don’t work. Aleph-Bet [AV-father] = bull of the house > strong one of the house > father. Makes sense, right? The only problem is switch around the letters and you get Bet-Aleph [BA] = arrive, enter. Is that the bull entering the house? LOL!

The biggest problem with the word-pictures is they are entirely arbitrary. You can make them say whatever you want them to say. The most ludicrous word-picture I have ever heard is that if you read Yod-He-Vav-He backwards, you get “Behold the nail, behold the hand”. Now why in the world would you read it backwards?! On top of that, Vav actually means “hook”, but “hook” does not fit the theology of those creating word-pictures, so messianics imbue it with the meaning “nail”. This is a major flaw of the word-pictures.

To make word-pictures work messianics imbue each letter with numerous meanings. Originally, the Hebrew letters were pictures that represented sounds, not ideas. The Hebrew letters were pictures of one simple thing. However, look at any modern list of word-pictures and you will find all kinds of meanings attached to each letter that have no basis in reality.

I created a word-picture myself of the name Yeshua using these lists published by some of the top teachers in the Hebrew Roots movement: Yod – hand; Shin – tooth, destruction; bet – house, became man; ayin – eye, judgment. This is utterly absurd because where do you get Shin meaning “destruction” or Ayin meaning “judgment”?hand Where in the entire Hebrew language do you get Bet meaning “Became man”? However, I don’t need to prove my case, I can just neatly copy the meanings from the lists published by other people who are “experts” in word-pictures. Based on these brilliant teachers we can safely say that Yeshua means: “The hand of destruction that became man to bring judgment.” If we really want to get into the Sod level of interpretation, we can point out that Shin is the first letter in “Satan” and conclude that Yeshua really is: “The hand of Satan that became man to bring judgment.” Is this totally offensive not to mention utterly ridiculous? That’s what “behold the nail, behold the hand” sounds like to Jews! In fact, if you want to guarantee that a Jew will either laugh at you or be offended, tell him Yod-He-Vav-He is really a cipher for Jesus because if you read it BACKWARDS it means, “Behold the nail, behold the hand.” Now prove to me that Yeshua does not mean “The hand of destruction that became man to bring judgment”.

Good luck! Ridiculous use of Hebrew grammar here.


See also: The Septuagint that is currently in our hands — especially the sections that are of the Prophets and Writings — is a Christian work, doctored and edited exclusively by Christian hands.

See: The New revised Covenant Of Christianity
by John Pringle
“God changed his mind about people having to follow his perfect (Psa 19:7) and eternal (Psa 119:152,160) laws and replaced them with a new system of faith in a human sacrifice.”

Messianic Rabbi Jonathan Cahn Video courtesy of the Jim Bakker Show. ATTGG (Published on 6 apr 2013)

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